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Family-friendly walking tours of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion


Explore West Wales' history and culture 

Cardigan Walks has developed several tours helping you understand more of the magic that sets West Wales apart. We have two tour styles - we offer a growing number of audio tours and a guided tour of Cardigan town. The tours share the history of different locations all over Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. 
Both tour types are heaps of fun whether you are visiting with friends or family.

Self-guided audio tour

This experience accelerates you to subject matter expert - by which we mean you're in charge of how your day and tour goes! But, through our audio tour, we'll share places to look at and give you the inside scoop on why what you're looking at is meaningful!

These tours are available for 24 hours after renting. It's up to you how long you want to explore. But, with audio and walking between points, an average audio tour takes 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Guided tour

Our guided tour of Cardigan shares more about the town than just the Castle and the bridge's history - they're not even the oldest or most active buildings in town! There is so much more you'll be surprised by!

The tour is around an hour and a half, runs twice a day, and is loads of fun. We hope to see you.




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pet friendly

About Cardigan Walks

Cardigan Walks was founded as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2022. We aim to celebrate and share West Wales' rich history and culture by trying to create opportunity.

We are working with young adults to bring you guided and audio tours. As much as we can, we are making it possible for our programme participants to operate and run tours and the business! This jumping-in-at-the-deep-end (with a life jacket on) approach will help participants to find value in their community and identify a career path they want to pursue after sampling so many areas of responsibility with us!

It's an opportunity few have had. We're hoping it makes a difference. We're proud to be gaining community support for our idea from several government groups and charities.

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General F.A.Qs

How much does a Cardigan Walks' tour cost?

We offer two tour experiences - an audio tour and a guided tour. Our tours cover a tremendous amount of local history and are buckets of fun for everyone.


Our audio tours are available to rent for £3.99. When renting one of our tours, you can access everything you need for 24 hours.


Our guided tours of Cardigan town are £5.99 a ticket.

Do we turn up or book our Cardigan Walks' tour?

If you're renting a tour, rent it when you want and embark on the adventure when you want. You're the tour guide. We're just giving you what you need to explore - it's up to you and your group how you explore! Remember, though, you only have access to the tour for 24 hours after renting it!

Cardigan Walks' guided tours are limited to ten (10) people per tour, with only two daily tours. We advise that you book in advance. You can book onto the adventure here.

What do we need to bring when going on a tour with Cardigan Walks?

The tours are all outside and last for around one and a half hours.


We strongly advise that you bring or wear the following:

  • Water (enough for everyone in your group)

  • Suncream

  • A hat

  • Clothing layers (possibly waterproofs - look out the window on the day of your tour!)

  • A bag - always good to have a designated bag carrier

  • Comfortable footwear that is suitable for walking around 1.5 miles.

How do we pay for our Cardigan Walks' tour?

When you rent a tour, you pay £3.99 when you rent it and can only rent it through our website. You'll have access to everything you need to start the tour immediately.


When it comes to our guided tour, Cardigan Walks recommends booking your tickets in advance - it's £5.99 per ticket. Once the booking is completed online, you'll be immediately emailed with all the details you need - a booking confirmation and instructions on where to meet, timings, and what to bring.


If we have space on a tour and can accommodate you, we can also accept a cash payment on the day. Please bring the exact money if you'll be paying by cash. Our guides don't carry change.


All payments made online are made using Cardigan Walks' secure checkout.

Do tours run in bad weather?

Yes! Well… Let's see how bad the weather is on the day. And which tour you're taking!


If you're renting an audio tour and exploring with family and friends, you're welcome to go out in any weather! Please review our section on what to bring and be careful! The what to bring section will help you plan in case of scorching sun or wind and rain.


If you're planning on booking our guided tour, again, see the section on what to bring for a walk with us.


If conditions are terrible and Cardigan Walks cancels the tour due to weather, we can look at the following:

  • Rescheduling the tour for another time that day

  • Rescheduling the tour for another day

  • Refunding you

​Please see our T&Cs for more on how this works.


Are Cardigan Walks' tours accessible?

Yes! Our tours make use of the roads and pavements in Cardigan town. Our tours are accessible for wheelchair users or anyone with a disability.


If you find this isn't the case and experience difficulty, we can only apologise. But, if you do find that you experience difficulty while exploring with us, please let us know. Again, our tour routes are within town borders using council-maintained roads and pavements. We can report problems to the council to improve accessibility for everyone.

Are Cardigan Walks' tours pet friendly?

Using our audio tour, you can create your own experience exploring with a tour with whomever you wish - including your pets!


Our guided tours are not private - meaning there can be several groups on tours, some of whom may have allergies or fears of pets. Our tours also operate in places with heavy foot traffic and vehicular traffic. 


It's more enjoyable for everyone if pets relax in their favourite local spot. Just pay extra attention and remember all you're told on a tour so you can tell your pet when you see them afterwards!

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