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Cardigan, Wales

This part of West Wales is full of history - historical evidence shows that people have lived here for up to 6,000 years!

Cardigan Town took shape, as we may begin to recognise it, in the late 11th or early 12th century when its iconic castle was built, and the town grew around it.​From there, history has been made and recorded. Cardigan blossomed economically in the 17th and 18th centuries, becoming a major port. But, it wasn't just legal trade that came through Cardigan. Piracy and smuggling were also rife. Just ask William Owens, Wales' most notorious smuggler. Owens was born not far from Cardigan and grew to become a character of reputation in town, risking his neck time and again in his elaborate smuggling adventures!


Cardigan Walks offers family-friendly tours of beautiful Cardigan town, sharing the tales of the lives and times echoed around town.

Book today to discover some great stories and learn some fascinating history!

Cardigan Walks

Cardigan Walks was founded in 2022. Cardigan, Ceredigion, and Pembrokeshire is overflowing with fascinating and fun history. It's also a visually stunning area with many people coming to enjoy the outdoors and walking. And so, that intersection of history, walking, and the absence of a history tour is when Cardigan Walks was born.

After the tourist season in 2022, we are looking at partnering with a local charity working with young adults to begin handing over management of Cardigan Walks. The aim of handing over Cardigan Walks is to empower young adults to learn new skills and explore new employment opportunities in an intrapreneurial setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Cardigan Walks tour cost?

We offer two tour experiences - a guided tour and an audio tour. Our tours cover a tremendous amount of local history and are buckets of fun for everyone.

Our guided tours are available at two prices based on the time of year:

  • Summer-season (end of June to end of September) tickets are £12/ person.

  • Out-of-season (October to the middle of June) tickets are £8/ person.

Little ones up to three (3) years old are free to come along and soak up some history!

Our audio tours are available to rent. Renting an audio tour gives access to a map with all landmarks and points clearly marked and indicates the corresponding audio tracks to not miss a thing!

Do we turn up or book our Cardigan Walks’ tour?

Cardigan Walks’ guided tours are limited to ten (10) people per tour and only two tours a day. We advise you to book in advance. You can book your tour places here.

The audio tour? A whole different beast! You're in charge of this one. Start when you want, where you want, and take the breaks you want! You're the tour guide, we're just giving you what you need to explore - it's up to you and your group how you explore!

What do we need to bring when going on a tour with Cardigan Walks?

The tours are all outside and last for approximately one and a half hours.


We would advise that you bring or wear the following:

  • Water (enough for everyone in your group)

  • Suncream

  • A hat

  • Clothing layers (possibly waterproofs - take a look out the window on the day of your tour!)

  • A bag - always good to have a designated bag carrier

  • Comfortable footwear that is suitable for walking around 1.5 miles.

How to pay for tickets?

Cardigan Walks recommends booking your tickets in advance. When you book your ticket - you’ll be paying online using Cardigan Walks’ secure checkout.


Once the booking is completed online, you’ll be immediately emailed with all the details you need - a booking confirmation and instructions on where to meet, timings, and what to bring.


If we have space on a tour and can accommodate you, we can also accept a cash payment on the day. Please bring the exact money if you’ll be paying by cash. Our guides don’t carry change.

Where do guided tours start and end?

You’ll meet your tour guide in front of Old Forge Crafts:

The Strand, Cardigan

SA43 1EX


If you’re familiar with What3Words, here is the link to find the exact starting point.


Guided tours finish in front of Old Forge Crafts - which is convenient as they sell refreshments and if you've left anything for storage you can collect it easily!

When do walks take place?

Our guided tours run twice a day

  • We run a morning tour from 10:00 - 11:30

  • The afternoon tour runs from 13:00 - 14:30


Each tour is approximately 1.5 hours long. In that time, you’ll walk roughly 1.5 miles.

The audio tour is something that you are in charge of. Start when and where you'd like and take the route you want to!

Do tours run in bad weather?

Yes! Well… Let’s see how bad the weather is on the day.


Please see the question on what to bring for a walk with us. The answers will help you plan in case of scorching sun or wind and rain.


If conditions are terrible and Cardigan Walks cancels the tour due to weather we can look at:

  • Rescheduling the tour for another time that day

  • Rescheduling the tour for another day

  • Giving you a refund

Please see our T&C’s for more on how this works.

Are Cardigan Walks’ tours accessible?

Yes! Our tours make use of the roads and pavements in Cardigan town. Our tours are accessible for wheelchair users or anyone with a disability.

Are Cardigan Walks’ tours pet friendly?

Our guided tours are not private - meaning there can be several groups on tours, some of whom may have allergies or fears of pets. To ensure the enjoyment of everyone, please remember all you're told on a tour to tell your pet when you see it after the tour!


Our tours also operate in places where there can be heavy foot-traffic and vehicular traffic. Some pets can be held to avoid congestion or danger, but it'll be to everyone's overall enjoyment if pets relax in their favourite local spot.

However, we do also have an audio tour. Using our audio tour, you can create your own experience exploring Cardigan town with whomever you wish - including your pets!

Is there parking available close to the start and end of the tour?

Cardigan town has several car parks available:

  • Quay Street Car Park

  • Lower Mwldan Car Park

  • Williams Terrace Car Park

  • Greenfield Square Car Park

Is storage or toilets available through Cardigan Walks?

Cardigan Walks cannot offer toilet access.


We do have basic storage available. However, leaving your items is at your own discretion and we cannot take responsibility.

Before coming, please review the section on what to bring. Also, there are a few public toilets around town!

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