Audio tours of Ceredigion & Pembrokeshire

Be your own tour guide with one of our audio tours.


Take whatever route suits you. Start when and where you want. Take the breaks you want. And, when guiding yourself, you can bring your four-legged furry history lovers!


Cardigan Walks' audio tours of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion are designed for you to use and enjoy the area just a little more.

It's up to you when you start a tour, where you start, the route you take, and even if you take breaks - see a nice restaurant or a nice place to sit for 30 minutes and let the day pass by - well, you have the luxury of taking a wee break.


Our audio tours provide the background and history of a location. Our researchers have dug into a place's history to share with you general history. We've also dug in to find landmarks with unique stories to give you a sense of the place you're discovering. Our writers are intent on not being a stuffy, boring history lesson. But, something with a little more fun and humour to entertain you!


Cardigan town audio tour


10 points of interest

50 mins audio + map


Fishguard town audio tour


8 points of interest

1-hour plus audio + map


Narberth town audio tour


5 points of interest

25 mins audio + map