Cardigan town audio tour

Cardigan is a town full of unexpected surprises. It has history, it has charm, and it has beauty. Beneath shop facades you see today are stories centuries old of the people and places who walked here once upon a time.

Obviously, the castle has important historical significance to Cardigan. But, our tour digs deeper that just the castle. Our audio tour dives deep into all eras of Cardigan town's history and how town has been affected giving you entertainment and information.


There's over 50 minutes of audio to listen and learn from.


We hope you enjoy your time and learn something. If you have any questions about what you hear or anything you see in town, please email in. We'd be happy to share more information. We've done bags of research to bring this tour to you. We can share our sources with you, or we'll do what we can to answer your questions.